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Jeanne d'Arc (2022)

Composition, sounddesign and music direction for Jeanne d'Arc of Eline Arbo, based on the play Jeanne d'Arc by Lucas Svensson. Commissioned by Riksteatret, Oslo, Norway.

Instruments used: voice, various analogue and digital synthesizers, cymbals, drum pad, percussion.

Direction: Eline Arbo
Scenography: Olav Myrtvedt
Costume design: Alva Walderhaug Brosten
Light design: Øyvind Wangensteen
Dramaturgy: Oda Radoor
Actors: Monica Dybwad, Mats Moe, Eirik Langås Jørgensen, Oscar Jean, Elias Moussaoui Anseth, Gorm Grømer

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