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What is it Like to Be a Bird? (2012)

Interactive installation (multiple versions) in which visitors can learn to sing like birds. Visitors can choose a bird of their preference, and hear the slowed down birdsong on headphones. They imitate this slowed down song with their own voice, and this is recorded with a camera. This recording is sped up again into bird-speed, and the result is birdsong produced by the human voice, which sounds exactly like the birdsong. Birds nearby react, because they think it is a real bird singing.

Installations and presentations at multiple places/festivals (a.o. Kröller-Müller Museum, IDFA, Cinekid, Into the Great Wide Open, W139, Mediamatic, University of Amsterdam, NEMO, Schouwburg De Munt, Museumnacht, Pecha Kucha, Vroege Vogels, Radio 1). Nominated for the New Media Award 2012.

More information on this project: see my TED-talk

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